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Alice in a ruined environment. By mirio.

the-anonymous-being asked: a fnaf au where the animatronics are actually real animals so its like two really threatening things like a huge ass bear and a fuckin wolf, then you just have a bunny rabit and a chicken.


oh my god foxy is a fox tho, so that means the only really threatening thing is freddy


then bAM

tedizleader asked: doing well thank you :) so is Prancy musically talented in any way or is she mostly a dancer?

You’re welcome. C:

Actually yes! In some of the songs the Fazbear band sings, she sings along with them while dancing. but only some because she isn’t active all day like they are. Sometimes she solos for a while, other times she only has a few lines.

Otherwise she’ll shout out for the “kittens” to get up and dance with her and other motivational phrases. :3


dude the actual voice of mario is going around with little mario dolls and making vines why has nobody seen this?!?!?!


Foxy, the derpy pirate fox!

Anonymous asked: scrolls through the fnaf tag and asks your ocs backstory


Awh! Well I figured Foxy couldn’t have had a staged show all by themselves, there had to have been some friends they could have had! So I sat around for a few days thinking of different things I could do. Originally Swampy started out as a Saltwater Crocodile named Salty- but… Salty just didn’t click with the design and I decided to go big and slap some horns and fins on the bugger ala Sea Dragon ♥

Basically Salty would rise up from either side of the stage on a rock. It would sprawl out and have back and forth banter with Foxy. Pun wars, riddle games, guessing games and of course… bribing Swampy with delicious pizza to get him to not “eat the kids” or Foxy… etc. Stuff that the kids and Foxy could do to get Swampy to go away and let the pirates continue to sail. Of course this all was happening before the bite of 87’ where shortly after they cut Swampy’s vocal chords because it never stopped chattering up and down the hallways while furiously pacing. In order to protect the staff, security and everyone else- they chained Swampy up to it’s rock behind the curtain and left it there to rot. 

It feels very indifferent towards everyone but does have a bit of respect and sad feelings towards Freddy who ignored its calls for help and left Foxy and itself alone behind the dusty, starry curtains.



Gwrrrr gwrr”

A colored, touched up final Swampy.

I added way more joint mechanisms to express the style of it’s animatronic brethren.


Now, Swampy is an interesting character once it breaks loose from it’s chains; you see, it was crammed all the way into the back on parts of it’s big sea-rock, which would pop up from the ‘water’ during the {in my honest opinion} ACME of Pirate Cove and further more- Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Swampy is one of the taller animatronics and sports and extra row of teeth as do some of it’s other brethren around the establishment.

Unlike most of the animatronics, Swampy will first and foremost view you as something to possibly eat and if it gets a taste of you- it probably won’t stop. Luckily it has a stretchy, silicone tummy that should allow you to survive an additional couple of excruciating hours. That is unless Swampy has already eaten another body- in which case you will be, unfortunately crushed and- BUT that doesn’t mean you would necessarily die! Uh still just…. don’t. Don’t let it eat you.

Another thing with Swampy is attracted by the sound of the doors closing. It will come and investigate on the East side and won’t leave unless you open the door and slam down the light switch. Don’t really take your time on this one, Swampy isn’t the brightest in the bunch but by God can it lunge out of nowhere.

Oh, another thing is that if any time Freddy decides to greet the camera with a happy hello, either by turning his face to the camera or simply disappearing- Swampy will not be around. Swampy does not seem to like or trust Freddy, but… uh, I don’t know if I would either if the leader of my animatronic, funny, cooky pals left me to rot on a dusty prop rock for an eternity.



Prancy and friends!

I worked all day on figuring out how to shade everything, because I was trying something different, but I’m out of ideas so here it is ; x ;

tedizleader asked: *slides in all cool; can't stop sliding, slides i to traffic* so hello how are you? :)

Hehe, hello! ( n u n ) I’m pretty alright. You?

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